Confess and Believe In Jesus

One of the most difficult things,
That we are called on to do,
Is to admit we are sinners;
To our own selves be true.

We can't keep on living a lie,
By saying we're good,
That we do nothing wrong,
That we live like we should.

It takes courage to say,
We don't always do right.
We can lie to ourselves,
But we can't hide from God's sight.

He knows what we're doing,
He knows what we think.
We must strive to be honest,
Or we'll continue to sink.

We need to confess,
Surmount that great hill,
Contritely strive to repent,
With all of our will.

Jesus has mercy,
If we pray from our heart.
We want to follow His teaching,
We want to make a fresh start.

Though we still have human nature,
Our souls He can change.
We can become more like Jesus,
We can make progress and gains.

It's an entire life's journey,
We may sometimes stumble and fall,
But never give up on Jesus;
He can get us over that wall.

Satan wants us to doubt,
That we can ever be saved.
He says God won't forgive us,
Our sins are too grave.

Don't tune into his lies,
Because the Gospel gives truth.
God loves us and will save us,
He gave us His Son as that proof.

Believe fully in Jesus,
Repent and do what is right.
He will help us overcome the world's evils,
Just as the light of day overcomes night. 

Richard Cerruti  
July 15, 2016



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