Follow Jesus Till The End

In many nations in the world today;    
In parts of Asia and the Middle East,    
It's considered a crime to follow Jesus;    
Christians cannot live in peace.

Some communists, Hindus, and Muslims     
Hate the Christian Way.    
They don't want Christians in their land;    
A sad state of the world today.

Christians are often persecuted;    
Forced to renounce their faith or pay.    
Fined, imprisoned or even killed.    
Why must it be this way?

Jesus warned that there would be tribulations,    
For the Children of the Light.    
Satan's forces hated Him; They'll hate us too.   
Lord, protect us from the powers of the night.!

Here we still have freedom to worship.   
In America, it's still the law of our land.    
If that should change and things get tough,   
We'll know God's kingdom is close at hand.

Many signs are all around us.   
Will the Beast soon start to rule?    
Do not fear! Do not despair!   
Jesus will help us overcome it all.

We'll put our faith in Jesus.   
We'll follow Jesus.  He will not fail.   
We'll trust in Him, for we know the Truth.   
We'll one day rule with God, for His Kingdom will prevail.         

Poem by Richard Cerruti, 
Elim Center International


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