How to have hope when everything is going wrong. Hopeless and Depressed? Here is the Story of Bartimaeus

This is a true story.  Turn to Mark 10:46-52. 

If you look at the Bible,  some people didn't seem likely to receive salvation, but they received it. 

On the other hand, the people who seemed likely to be the first to receive salvation, did not. The teachers, scribes, and educated religious leaders in the days of Jesus did not receive salvation. They were already satisfied and had no need for a savior. 

It was the ones riddled with diseases, those who were ignored, marginalized, and whom society did not deem important or even as human beings who received salvation.  They knew they were in dire need of a Savior. 

The main character in today’s story is Bartimaeus. We learn from v. 46 that he was blind, and that he was a beggar. He was in a state of misery that none of us can even begin to imagine. Many people in this type of situation would give up on life. 

But this is a story of how even a person like Bartimaeus, blind and homeless, found Jesus. 

Salvation is a matter of life and death.  It’s a must-have. The most important thing in life. Salvation is the ticket to heaven. If you don’t get that ticket during this lifetime, you’re in serious trouble. But if you get that ticket, even if you don’t gain anything else, it’s a victory. This is an inspirational story of someone who didn’t have who ended up as someone who had it all - akin to a rags to riches story. 

How did Bartimaeus, the blind man who had nothing, end up with the winning salvation ticket?

1. Bartimaeus was an opportunist.

Even before Jesus came into town, Bartimaeus had heard about Jesus and the great miracles he manifested. He also heard him coming through town and the loud crowd closing in. Because he was blind, Bartimaeus couldn’t see what was going on. But he always kept his ears open and was attentive for opportunities that might come his way. 

One day, that opportunity came walking by, and Bartimaeus cried out, “JESUS , Son of David, have mercy on me!” 

The disciples of Jesus had the important job of making the way for Jesus. They were part of his entourage making sure everything was orderly and safe for him to pass through, since there were crowds pressing into them. The disciples likely wanted their Lord to pass by without distraction, so they rebuked Bartimaeus and told him to be quiet. 

We can assume that there were many other people who also wanted to meet Jesus. But this beggar on the roadside is creating quite a scene because he recognized what was important and wanted it. When that opportunity came, he didn't miss the timing. He did everything possible, despite his limits, to catch this blessing before it passed by forever. Bartimaeus was obviously a very limited man, but that did not stop him from doing what he had to do. 

v. 49 Jesus stopped and said, “Call him .”  

While others ignored him, Jesus paid attention. This is a very comforting fact. The world may not notice you, but Jesus does. What could seem like a distraction on the superficial level to the human eye, was tenderly noticed by the Lord. Jesus noticed him! Jesus is sensitive and compassionate. He has the eyes to see the real needs of the suffering human soul. Jesus saw Bartimaeus’ earnest desire to be saved - an unseen spiritual thing that can easily be overlooked.

2. Bartimaeus did not get discouraged 

When the disciples rebuked him, Bartimaeus did not calm down but shouted even louder.

Would you be bold enough to shout even louder? Or would you be discouraged and step back? This brother Bartimaeus was all the more emboldened. How awesome is Bartimaeus’ character? What an inspiration!

3. Bartimaeus was not confined by his limitations. 

Bartimaeus was obviously limited. It’s tempting to let limitations get to your head. When we are helpless, we must seek God’s mercy. This takes humility, for a proud man will never seek help.

v. 48 — Bartimaeus cries out, “Have mercy on me!” He knew that he needed healing. He also knew that healing was only possible by the grace and mercy of God. Lord, pity this pitiful soul. Lord, have mercy!

4. Bartimaeus was thankful for what he already had. 

Bartimaeus did not complain about what he didn’t have. He was blind and could not see a thing. Instead of complaining, he maximized what he already had, which were his ears and his ability to hear. 

There is something precious God already put inside of you, and He wants you to use it. He has given a purpose for your insufficiencies and deficiencies, but there is also a purpose for the things He already gave you, as small as they may seem. 

There are resources God has already given us at our disposal. Are we using it to the max? 

If we focus on what we do not have, we can never make progress. Even though God has already given us a lot of good things, we might be overlooking it. God has given us much.

Bartimaeus is the one who recognized the good things God gave him, and he didn’t give up. If he lost hope and didn't keep his ears open, we would not be hearing the story of Bartimaeus today. 

It’s actually hard to imagine ourselves in Bartimaeus' situation, since we have so much more going for us than him. But if even Bartimaeus can find light in his darkness, can’t we? 

Conclusion of the Story

v 49-52. Jesus said, ‘Your faith has healed you.” 

Bartimaeus received his sight and got what he wanted. And Jesus credits that to his faith. 

You too can hope in any situation. Use what God has already given you, and use it greatly for His glory. 

By Sarah 
Bible Portal Staff


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