My hope, strength and joy – the Lord!


Let us read Habakkuk 3:17-19

The prophet Habakkuk is very wise. He places all his hope in the Lord. What is the result of this attitude? That he rejoices and jumps on the heights with the feet of a deer.

Many times we might feel similar, we are running and dancing joyfully, giving praise to the Lord.

But what was the situation in which Habakkuk spoke these words? It was a situation of despair in which people normally give up, being depressed, hopeless, angry, worried, complaining against everyone, against God.

V17 describes complete emptiness and hopelessness. As we find ourselves in such situation, would we come to the same conclusion as Habakkuk, saying “I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my savior“ (V18).

How blessed is the life of a person who can reveal this heart and speak those words like Habakkuk!

All of us want to be joyful, we long to jump dynamically over the hills and through the valleys of our daily lives – not just when everything is allright and goes well, but also when things are completely contrary to our expectations and wishes.

What is the wisdom and strength of Habakkuk that enables him to live such life?

He places his hope and trust completely in God. The reason for and basis of his joy and satisfaction is not in himself, his strength and ability, not in anything or any circumstance of this world, but it is in the unchanging, everlasting, all-powerful and all-loving God.

This is true wisdom and maturity that we should reach. As long as things are fine, I might agree easily and say, of course, the Lord is my strength and hope. But having this attitude and conviction constantly, independently of the always changing situations of my life – this is true faith and trust in God. How can I learn and develop such faith? One way is to always meditate on what God has already done for me – the unchanging truth of God's unconditional love to me has been revealed once and forever in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The bright light of this event shines through the darkest situation that I might encounter, even through the darkness of death.

Bearing the cross and resurrection in my heart, seeing Christ before my eyes in all situations, will give me the unchanging reason for and foundation of joy and strength in all circumstances, so that I can always rejoice in God and run over the hills with the feet of a deer.

I will be strong and joyful myself and become a source of joy and strength for many others who find themselves in darkness and despair.

Let us become the Habakkuk of our time, bringing the hope, strength and joy of the living God to many people!





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