Our Eternal Home Awaits Us (Poem)

When we have finished the work
That God sent us to earth to be done;
Our purpose fulfilled;
The good race we've won.

He'll call us back home;
Our real home in Heaven above.
To our reward as believers;
A place of joy, beauty and love.

I know I've been there before
In a time long ago.
My soul remembers this land;
A place I'll once again know.

All the good people I've known;
They're all there waiting for me.
Family, friends, and pets too
I will once again see.

Jesus welcomes all of His people
Back to God's home far away.
A joyous reunion awaits us.
My soul longs for that day.

Our earthly time has a limit,
But death isn't the end.
Eternal life with God awaits us
When we return home again.

Richard Cerruti    9-2-16

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