The Foundation of Jesus Christ

1 Cor. 3: 10-13

God’s kingdom is always moving forward. There is no staying the same according to the captain of 49ers. If we feel that we are in the same place, it means that we are regressing. When we feel comfortable and do not want to move forward, God will push us to do greater work.

Our work and suffering is tiny compared to God’s. Think about the invisible hand of God leading us behind through our suffering.

What does church mean to you? Different people may have different answers. For the majority, it is a place where they can receive God’s grace through attending Sunday service or Bible studies. For children, it is Sunday school where they can make friends. For ministers, it is the place they work.

Ultimately, what makes church different from any community in the world is that it is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. 

Why do we need this foundation in church? Because everything we do in the world will be tested by history and time. If our foundation is not on Jesus Christ, but worldly things, what is built on it will be blown away easily. Anything belonging to the world is temporary. Even the greatest empires like Rome and Persia have been turned into the dust of the world.

What stands the test of time and history, is Jesus Christ Himself, who conquered cross and death through his own death and gave us salvation and eternal life.

The church is built on the foundation of those who confess Jesus is their savior, like Apostle Peter. Church is built on Simon Peter, the first disciple’s confession in Matt. 16 and numerous others who say Jesus is their Lord. If we have this foundation, which nothing from the world can overthrow, including death, we have nothing to fear. Instead, we can boldly testify our faith in the world.
By Jeremiah Chan
Bible Portal Contributor

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