What Happened Before and After Creation? Genesis 1:2

Genesis 1 is profound. 

Although this chapter might seem to pertain only to the purely physical aspect of creation-  the evident and visible world brought into existence by our Almighty Creator - it also contains deep wisdom and insight into the spiritual world. 

How were things before creation? 

The Bible expresses that the earth was formless, empty and dark. (Genesis 1:2) This is the state of things before God's Word transforms everything. 

From Genesis 1:3, the creation process begins.  Then, a marvelous phenomenon takes place when God speaks: 
- form and order comes to formlessness
- there is no more emptiness or void, but fullness
- light comes into darkness

So...How is this relevant to me?

1 John 1:1 testifies that Jesus Christ is the living Word of God.

When our ears are open to hearing the teachings of Jesus and we accept with open hearts, the formlessness, darkness and emptiness in our life also disappear and we become renewed.   We become a new creation in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

This tells us that there is also an internal creation process at the individual level when the Word enters our heart:

No longer is your life without form.  
No more chaos and confusion. You finally have form and order in your life. 

No longer is your heart empty.
It is full and satisfied with the Truth that nourishes and brings abundance to your soul. 

No longer is there darkness in your heart.
No more being lost and scared in a dark world of hopelessness and despair. There is light and hope because we can see the Truth, which is also the Way.  (John 14:6)

God's Word is logos in Greek, meaning light. When the Light of Christ shines brightly in us, its power drives away darkness and hopelessness, and we can live empowered by the Holy Spirit. We also become a lamp that emits light and hope to others. (Matthew 5:14-15)

To love God is to love God’s Word. So keep on studying God’s Word, desire it and hunger for more of it. And as it transforms you, may it also give you strength to endure even the difficult times, because it is the birth pangs and joyous process of Christ being formed in you. (Galatians 4:19) You are a new, beautiful creation in Christ!

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