Your Grace is An Ocean


 When I feel lost and alone, so far from home sometimes

When I am lost in the dark, there is a light that shines

Grace so much greater than all of my failures, so vast, so wide

You bury my sorrow, raise me to follow and never die,


Jesus, Your grace is an ocean

Your love is a fountain that won't run dry

Mercy as strong as a mountain, compassion that reaches beyond the sky

And if I should stumble and falter, or if my heart wanders along the way

You speak, and I am awakened, Faithfully leading me back again


Straight to Your heart, Safe in Your arms

Never alone, You carry me home


You are the fire, And I am the candle that burns only for You

You are the life-giving sunlight

And I am the flower that blooms only for You,

You're everything, You're all that I need


You are the passion that burns deep within me I live only for You

You are the light in the darkness

The Voice in the silence that speaks, calling my name


Your Grace Is An Oeacan
By Scott Brenner
Tribe of Levi Ministries International  |



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